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Sarah S. Rama, ESQ., LL.M. is an immigration attorney based in West Palm Beach, FL. Serving the immigration community is both our sole focus and our passion. We have a simple focus on changing the lives of our clients. We're dedicated to providing outstanding legal representation to assist foreign nationals, their families, and businesses.

Sarah S. Rama, ESQ., LL.M. is an immigration attorney based in West Palm Beach, FL. Serving the immigration community is both our sole focus and our passion. We have a simple focus on changing the lives of our clients. We're dedicated to providing outstanding legal representation to assist foreign nationals, their families, and businesses.

Whether you are looking to join family in the United States, come here to work or invest, or are seeking American citizenship, our team has over twenty years of legal experience with a specialty in the diverse area of immigration law in the United States and abroad.

Sarah S. Rama, ESQ., LL.M. can consult with you via telephone, in our West Palm Beach offices, or travel to your country to discuss immigration issues in the following areas of practice:

Employment Visas

The United States is the land of opportunity! To work in the US, both you and a potential employer must complete the process correctly to obtain your employment visa. The United States Government requires that certain documentation, certifications, and applications be submitted to the proper authorities, then approved before an applicant qualifies for an employment visa. Sarah S. Rama, ESQ., LL.M. can guide you through the process of obtaining an employment visa step-by-step. We're more than just immigration counsel… we are lifetime counsel.

Family Immigration Attorneys

United States Immigration Law allows citizens and lawful permanent residents to sponsor relatives for immigration visas, so that they may join family members in America. Both the applicant and sponsor must complete applications. Eligibility is determined by the relation to the permanent resident or citizen.

Family immigration standards and requirements can be a complicated process to navigate without a trusted partner. There are different applications based on the relation of the applicant and sponsor, each requiring different application procedures. The expert immigration team at Sarah S. Rama, ESQ., LL.M. will help make your family whole by steering you through the entire process.


The dream of becoming a full-fledged American citizen is a dream for many immigrants, as well as one of the most contentious political issues of our time. While immigration reform and a reformed legal pathway to citizenship is likely to happen over the next few years, laws right now are arcane. Immigrants must meet a large number of requirements before they can even apply for citizenship. The application process is long and arduous. An experienced immigration attorney is an important partner to have. Sarah S. Rama, ESQ., LL.M. is your trusted allies as you work towards American citizenship.

Deferred Action

In 2012, the United States Department of Homeland Security changed the rules on how the United States handles immigrants who enter America as children. Under these new guidelines, people who meet specific criteria have the right to request consideration for a deferred action period of two years. This period can be renewed, and the applicant becomes eligible for work authorization. The process for applying for deferred action can be extremely complicated. Fortunately, you have found a partner who can streamline the process for you.

I-9 Compliance & Audits

To comply with current US Immigration Law, employers are required to verify both the identity and employment authorization of each person who they hire, and retain a copy of form I-9 on file for each employee. This form is designed to ensure that all employees are authorized and eligible to work within the borders of the United States.

When an employer hires a person without complying with the necessary employment eligibility verification requirements, the employer is in violation of employer sanctions laws and could be subjected to civil & criminal penalties, loss of eligibility for government contracts, and other sanctions.

Sarah S. Rama, ESQ., LL.M. have vast experience helping employers of all sizes remain compliant with I-9 regulations. We can conduct exhaustive audits which can save your business thousands of dollars in revenue and avoided penalties.

E-2 Investor Visas Law Firm in West Palm Beach, FL

America offers opportunities for immigrants looking to start or invest in a business in the United States. The E-2 investor visa allows citizens and residents from countries with commerce treaties in place to travel to the United States with the intent of investing significant capital in a new or existing business. In many cases, employees of E-2 investors and family members may qualify for the same type of visa.

To qualify for E-2 classification, an investor must meet the following criteria:

  • He or she must be a national of a country in which the United States maintains a navigation treaty and commerce treaty.
  • He or she must be invested or in the process of investing a significant amount of capital in a business operating within the United States.
  • The investor must be seeking to travel to the United States for the sole purpose of developing and directing the investment venture.

Sarah S. Rama, ESQ., LL.M. understands the difficulties and red tape involved for a non-citizen to enter live, work, and earn a living in another country. We take great pride in helping to grow our nation's economy by helping immigrants invest in America.

Contact the Expert Immigration Lawyers at Sarah S. Rama, ESQ., LL.M.

Legal immigration to America can take many years. Some cases can take over a decade or longer, while others can be relatively straightforward, and only take a few months. Sarah S. Rama, ESQ., LL.M. has helped clients from all over the globe immigrate to the United States. We have a long track record of satisfied and happy clients.

To speak with an immigration lawyer regarding your immigration goals, including obtaining an employment visa, family immigration, pathways to citizenship, deferred action, or I-9 compliance, you are welcome to contact us online, or reach us by phone at (561) 744-2611.

Our team is available in English, Spanish, Italian, French and Russian and can provide you with customized legal advice in plain English… regardless of your native tongue!

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