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At Sarah S. Rama, ESQ., LL.M., we regularly interface with corporations and their intended employees in various immigration matters. We address any issues that arise through the department of labor, generally involving the perm labor certification process.Immigration Lawyer Sarah S. Rama, ESQ., LL.M. – Global Immigration Results – LL.M. Masters of International Law & Finance Attorney.

From our international law office, we work simultaneously with the pending employee and the employer. Our attorney personally follows case developments at all times throughout the immigration process. We help employers and employees obtain employment-based immigration solutions and other specialized immigration visas for doctors, nurses, athletes, and religious workers, including the following:

  • H–1B visas: for individuals who have special talents or a specialty in an occupation that requires a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent on-the-job experience
  • H–2A visas: recognized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for foreign farm workers filling temporary shortages of American workers
  • H–2B visas: temporary work visas for shortages of qualified and available American non-agricultural workers
  • H–3 visas: temporary visas to allow non-medical and non-academic trainees to receive on-the-job training unavailable in their home countries
  • L–1 visas: managers, executives or other employees with specialized knowledge to make an intra-company transfer
  • O, P and R visas: visas for outstanding professors, religious workers, athletes, or researchers
  • TN visas: visas for Canadian and Mexican workers in accordance with NAFTA


  • Green Card, EB–1: aliens with extraordinary ability or outstanding professors or researchers
  • Green Card, EB–2: foreign professional holding advanced degree or exceptional ability in the arts, sciences or business, or national interest waivers
  • Green Card, EB–3: for skilled or unskilled employees and professionals with at least a Bachelor’s degree
  • Green Card, EB–5: for investment personnel


Many of the above-listed employment visas can often lead to ultimately obtaining a Green Card. If you are a client, you may link directly to your BlueDot Immigration account to check the status of your immigration matter or communicate with our firm.

Do you have questions about employment immigration or other immigration matters? Attorney Sarah S. Rama herself has experienced and assimilated the intricacies of living and working in a foreign country, with a track record of proven success in employment immigration in the United States. We look forward to assisting with your employment goals.

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